Friday, 25 September 2009

Vector graphics of units

I've been playing around with my photo camera and inkscape for a bit, working out how I want to make the diagrams for the illustrations.

Even though I do want to include some wargame porn colour shots, I don't think they are the way to go for the regular illustrations. But just blank rectangles gets boring too.

So, I figured I'd use vector graphics for the 'men' on the bases. I went tand took some nice high-contrast shots looking down on individual figures, hiked up the contrast still further, and vectorified them using Inkscape.

The result lends itself to easy modification and tuning, and I created the below 'unit' using just one of the pictures, copying it and tweaking the angles to create a nicely random orc mob.

Feedback on whether you like this approach, and comments on how to improve would be appreciated.

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