Sunday, 24 January 2010

Progress with the rules

In the evening hours of the past weeks I have been very busy converting all the draft rules from the wiki page to a proper book format. I had been going back and forth between Scribus (DTP package) and Openoffice writer, and in the end settled on Openoffice writer.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

International exposure

The internet is an interesting place, and sometimes you forget just how much smaller it makes the world.

And then you look at the google analytics on the blog, and you find this site linking to your blog.

So there's people (wargamers) in Russia reading the blog and apparantly taking an interest. This made me dig a little bit deeper.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Crisis 2009 Demo

Alright, I received confirmation that we have a table at Crisis 2009 in Antwerp to run our This One's Split demo. So now it's full on getting things ready for November 7th.

Things to do:
* Complete scenario
* Playtest scenario & rules finalizations
* Prepare commander handouts
* Update card set
* Update QR sheets

* Paint miniatures (orc skirmishers, behemoths)
* Make new/additional promo posters

Unfortunately the goal I had set myself - getting the rules finished by Crisis - is nowhere near happening. I'll have to re-evaluate the situation there, gonna be a good few months still. Most of that time will be spent on refining text and rewriting it into the full-on book.

Cartful of Gold - Missing Photo

Now here's the photo Dick demanded I take. It's his flyer hero - basically a lunatic dwarf strapped to a glider - diving at my commander, trying to kill him.

It went almost entirely to plan. A moment after this shot, Krassush got knocked clear off his seat, face first into the mud. However he was lucky enough to get clear without a scratch, watching the flyer zoom past as he got to his feet.


Growling annoyedly, he set Wuff loose, the hellhound eagerly bounding after the kite, catching it in a flying leap just as it struggled to pull up away from the ground. Instants later, there was little left but a bloody mess of wood, cloth, string and dwarf.

Monday, 19 October 2009

For a cartful of loot.... This One's Split Playtest

The last playtest session saw an orcish tribe throw themselves on the dwarven trading caravan, hoping for easy plunder. Unfortunately the dwarves take their trading dead serious, sending half of their army along with the yearly trade expedition where they trade gold, high quality metalwork and porc (Yes, porc. Don't ask me, I'm just the messenger) for goods such as spices, fabrics, wood and just about anything that can't be grown under a mountain.

The game went well, with real high and lows for both sides. We came across a fair few sections of the rules were some clarifications would be helpful, and these have since been added. Overall the balance with e.g. giants seems better now, and the order system seemed to do it's job just fine. Also, the recommended number of units per command seems to give the right kind of flavour for both the orc and dwarf armies.

Below picture shows the starting deployment, with the dwarves deployed behind a gully, with an impromptu barricade blocking off the open field in the middle. The orcs deployed across the width of the table, with 2 commands on march column on their far left.


The remainder of this report is written from the glorious point of view of his greatness tribe leader Krassush of the most powerful orc tribe ever. It is an entirely biased report - just because I can.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Feudal humans, army lists and some small tweaks

As I have been slightly busy re-enacting, I only got around to working on the rules again today.

The army lists have been enhanced with a description of the army structure, including the number of heroes and mages that may typically be included.

I've also added the feudal humans army list, with the renaissance humans to follow soon (I hope).

Some minor tweaks have been made, in particular to the mechanism for infantry fighting cavalry (attacking infantry no longer have to charge into certain death vs counter charging cavalry)

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Playtest: Feudal humans versus Undead

We held another playtest today, with Michel's feudal humans versus his Undead.

The feudal humans were loosely based on english medieval troops, with generous amounts of heavy cavalry, archers and spear armed infantry. They had some pretty good troops and good commanders even if a bit rash - giving the overall commander some grey hairs in keeping them from going on the attack at unwanted moments.

The undead had a large horde of skeletons, some giant skeletons and a brigade of cavalry, a chariot and a skeletal dinosaur monster.