Sunday, 24 January 2010

Progress with the rules

In the evening hours of the past weeks I have been very busy converting all the draft rules from the wiki page to a proper book format. I had been going back and forth between Scribus (DTP package) and Openoffice writer, and in the end settled on Openoffice writer.

This also meant some drastic and less drastic re-writes to put things in the proper sequence, clarify where necessary, adding terrain and LOS definitions etc.

At the moment the page count is at 35, with the following still left to do:
* Write the introduction
* Finish the status definitions
* Add the sample army lists
* Create the 15-odd illustrations that should help clarify the rules
* Work through all the existing comments and verify they have been taken into account

After that, I intend to send the file out for reviewing and playtesting, while at the same time tarting them up with photos and more graphics.

So, even if things have been a bit silent, a lot of progress has been made!

Please comment or mail what army lists you'd like to see included?


  1. I'd like to see the Orcs and Dwarves.

  2. Hi Derk,

    when choosing colours, keep in mind that some people will print in greyscale, so make sure that you test the contrast between colours in greyscale as well.

    Looking forward to a reviewing copy

  3. Actually I am considering removing the colour for a greyscale version. They are an aid only since the field actually contains the same info in text format.

    Good point though.

  4. How is it going with the rules? Where could i get myself a copy?

    Keep up the good work........

  5. I've been busy with other activities recently. Plan to get this thing moving ahead again in the near future though.

    If you leave a comment with your email address I'll get you on the review list so that you can give the rules a try.

    (I won't publish the comment, so no worries about spam)

  6. Any chance of a look at the rules as they stand?

    I'm looking for something to play with my son and his Warhammer figures.

  7. I'm pretty busy with work and re-enactment at the moment, so progress is a bit slow. I have invited you to the playtest group, which contains the latest version.

    I'm much looking forward to your feedback.



  8. Hi can I have a look at the play test rules??
    Im about to flog off all my old fantasy guys and this might save them from the bring and buy.
    mike c

  9. hi
    This sounds really interesting
    can i be included in the playtest group

  10. Invite sent - sorry for the delay, was off to Spain to prance about on a horse in the Battle of Albuera...

  11. Hi Derk
    Getting any closer to a release...or are you now re-enacting the Battle of the Pyramids :D


  12. Summer's just been madly busy with work on one side, and re-enactment on the other (Waterloo, Tewkesbury, etc)

    With the events on my list for the coming weeks, and then my holiday in September it is going to be a busy time still I'm afraid.

  13. Hi Derk

    Only just alerted to this blog (word is sneaking out that there's an engaging fantasy ruleset under way) . The game reports are too enticing; makes the other stuff around seem a little flat. How far off completion are you? If its still under development any chance of being added to the playtest group?


  14. Kev, post a comment with your email in it and I will sign you up. (I won't publish the comment so don't worry about your email ending up everywhere)

    I have made some progress this summer but been having far too much fun with other endeavors for a bit ;)

  15. Hi Dirk,

    How's it going? I have hundreds of angry Orcs waiting to storm a field, any field!!


  16. BTW - please don't publish my email address on this blog in case email harvesters are reading it. Thanks in advance.

  17. Playtested a couple of weeks ago and got another planned this saturday. I'm planning to upload an updated copy to the playtest group later tonight,

  18. Derk,

    How is it going? Any advance on the finished set yet?
    I have hordes of figures waiting to battle it out........

  19. At the risk of sounding like a broken record I've been busy with other stuff. However you have access to the playtest version, right? I'd love to hear from you if you're wanting to have a go with the rules. Also, if you need any help in getting set up for that first game feel free to bug me!

  20. Wouldn't say dead. But got some vague ideas on where I want to take it that I need to solidify before I cn really move anywhere. That and busy with other things.

    However feedback, suggestions and ideas may well help me get that ball rolling afterall, so I'm all ear :)