Monday, 28 September 2009

Single colour vector graphics

The previous attempt at vector grqaphics results in some pretty chunky files (lots of vectors to render), and I'm worried it will cause issues in the combined book. I've tried something simpler now, with just the outline filled in in black. I think it will work just as well, and potentially distract less from the message I'd be trying to get across.

I'm also not sure whether I want to give them more of a mob-like appearance by rotating them by increments, as in the other picture.


Friday, 25 September 2009

Vector graphics of units

I've been playing around with my photo camera and inkscape for a bit, working out how I want to make the diagrams for the illustrations.

Even though I do want to include some wargame porn colour shots, I don't think they are the way to go for the regular illustrations. But just blank rectangles gets boring too.

So, I figured I'd use vector graphics for the 'men' on the bases. I went tand took some nice high-contrast shots looking down on individual figures, hiked up the contrast still further, and vectorified them using Inkscape.

The result lends itself to easy modification and tuning, and I created the below 'unit' using just one of the pictures, copying it and tweaking the angles to create a nicely random orc mob.

Feedback on whether you like this approach, and comments on how to improve would be appreciated.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Added definition of orders

I spent some time this week jotting down the definition of the various orders that can be given to a commander. I've chosen to differentiate between:
* Attack
* Defend
* Support
* Maneuver
* Reserve

Each of these orders will have an impact on the options available to that commander. The overall text is much more extensive, I have included only a summary below.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Playtest - Orcs: Their own worst enemy

We had another play-test yesterday, with Farid and Michel playing Orcs and Plains Elves respectively. I wanted to test some specific aspects:

* Monsters
* Flyers
* Is it possible to fight a delaying action


Friday, 18 September 2009

Monsters in the making!

Tomorrow we'll be having another playtest session. I still have to decide what I want Farid and Dick to have a go at.

However, in preparation for that I added the rules for Single Large Monsters - big creatures that are not part of a unit. For a bit of an appetizer I'll post a few bits of text below.

My thoughts and intentions are:
* Monsters should be able to fight regular units, they are big enough for that. They should not be all-powerful, though.
* Monsters should however be vulnerable to enterprizing bands of heroes - even though the heroes would have to take a big chance.
* I do not want to add entirely new combat mechanisms, instead I want to tie them in with the existing ones.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Wiki updated, pdf download works again

As some of you know I am using a wiki to write the rules, and share them for playtesting/feedback.

About 2 months ago, a standard software update caused the collection extension to fail. Why is this important? Because that is the software that lets me create a pdf book from the wiki, enabling off-line access to the rules.

After a long struggle without any result, I decided to bite the bullet. I backed up all data, and did an upgrade of the mediawiki software to 1.1.15, and spent a few hours fiddling with settings. The upshot of this being:

PDF download of the rules from the wiki once again works

Monday, 14 September 2009

Playtest after long absence, rules for flying troops and monsters

It's been a long while since my last update, mainly because I have been very busy with:
  • Work & business travel

  • Holiday

  • (Napoleonic) Re-enactment

Last Sunday however the good cause got picked up again. I playtested some new rules for flyers and individual monsters with Dick Bax, and am now working on writing up the actual rules. Some highlights:

  • Additional rules for using flying troops

  • Flying troops can either be classed as flyer or hoverer

  • Flying troops can be at different altitudes

  • Close order troops cannot fly

  • Heavy armour troops can only fly in extraordinary circumstances (munchkin alert!)

  • Possible interaction with ground troops depends on altitude band

With the first draft of the flyers rules has been written, next action items are:
  • Large single monsters: Single monsters strong enough to individually engage units (e.g. dragons, really large giants etc). Single monsters can be effectively engaged by (groups of) heroes

  • Undead: Basically troops that need mages to control them and never test for morale

  • Terrain: Some further definition of terrain classifications

  • Evading: Refine text for evading