Monday, 14 September 2009

Playtest after long absence, rules for flying troops and monsters

It's been a long while since my last update, mainly because I have been very busy with:
  • Work & business travel

  • Holiday

  • (Napoleonic) Re-enactment

Last Sunday however the good cause got picked up again. I playtested some new rules for flyers and individual monsters with Dick Bax, and am now working on writing up the actual rules. Some highlights:

  • Additional rules for using flying troops

  • Flying troops can either be classed as flyer or hoverer

  • Flying troops can be at different altitudes

  • Close order troops cannot fly

  • Heavy armour troops can only fly in extraordinary circumstances (munchkin alert!)

  • Possible interaction with ground troops depends on altitude band

With the first draft of the flyers rules has been written, next action items are:
  • Large single monsters: Single monsters strong enough to individually engage units (e.g. dragons, really large giants etc). Single monsters can be effectively engaged by (groups of) heroes

  • Undead: Basically troops that need mages to control them and never test for morale

  • Terrain: Some further definition of terrain classifications

  • Evading: Refine text for evading

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