Wednesday, 4 November 2009

International exposure

The internet is an interesting place, and sometimes you forget just how much smaller it makes the world.

And then you look at the google analytics on the blog, and you find this site linking to your blog.

So there's people (wargamers) in Russia reading the blog and apparantly taking an interest. This made me dig a little bit deeper.

Here's the distribution of visitors across the world:
* Netherlands: 23%
* United Kingdom: 21%
* United States: 20%
* Afghanistan: 10%
* Russia: 6%
* Spain: 4%
* Australia: 4%
* Germany: 3%
* France: 2%
* Italy: 1%
* Belarus: 1%
* South Africa: 1%
* Indonesia: 1%
* Canada: 1%
* Hungary: 1%
* United Arab Emirates: 1%
* India: 1%

There is no way I would have picked Russia and Afghanistan as #4 and #5 on that list.


  1. How was Crisis? Did the game go well?

  2. Chris,

    The game went well, thanks! I will post a more extensive report when I find the time.

    Overall the game seemed to flow well, and got some keen interest from members of the audience. E.g. people who really wanted to play large battles with their LotR miniatures, but weren't happy with the rule sets that they had tried so far.

    In addition, I much enjoyed watching the Mud & Blood demo in action, right next to us.