Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Cartful of Gold - Missing Photo

Now here's the photo Dick demanded I take. It's his flyer hero - basically a lunatic dwarf strapped to a glider - diving at my commander, trying to kill him.

It went almost entirely to plan. A moment after this shot, Krassush got knocked clear off his seat, face first into the mud. However he was lucky enough to get clear without a scratch, watching the flyer zoom past as he got to his feet.


Growling annoyedly, he set Wuff loose, the hellhound eagerly bounding after the kite, catching it in a flying leap just as it struggled to pull up away from the ground. Instants later, there was little left but a bloody mess of wood, cloth, string and dwarf.


  1. It's a demonworld miniature, nowadays out of production. Dick sure went to town on getting all the wires (is it still called rigging on a plane?) done, though.

    He's got another 2 waiting to be built, but I won't complain if he never gets around to that ;)