Sunday, 3 May 2009

I'll be posting a further report from our demo at Action 2009 lateron. For now here's just a quick copy of the posters I used to put on the promo board - A2 this time, I'm looking at A1 or A0 next time.

I'll be re-evaluating what to put on them text-wise. But I'm quite happy with the graphics as they stand, got lots of nice feedback on it too.

First, I'll be off to bed though.


  1. Hi. Great Job with the posters. I have been reading this blog for some time, and I'd like to play this game. How can I get the Rules? :)

  2. Join the Too Fat Lardies mailing list and ask there. We're still playtesting at the moment, looking to publish the rules Q3 of this year.

  3. Ok. I'll be waiting for it. Thankyou very much.