Monday, 23 February 2009

Confirmation on title

I just got response back that I've been waiting on for a while, which confirms that we can use the tittle we were looking at: This One's Split

For those of you that blink confusedly at the above title, it's part of a quote: "Pass me another elf, this one's split" - General Ashnak - Orc Commander in Mary Gentle's "Grunts". Mary Gentle has kindly lent permission for us to use this quote, which has me a very happy camper.

Where are we right now?

We have rough concepts for the command and control system, melee, ranged combat and morale systems. Currently focus is on coming up with a working system for magic, and coming up with the mechanisms to make the necessary racial differences.

Stuff that we need but haven't given (much) thought to yet: Flying stuff, larger creatures, and lotsa things that we don't realize we need, just yet.

Also, all the rough ideas will need refining, writing into real language and lots of testing. What with other commitments in life, we've really only just started and the finish is nowhere near in sight ;)

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